Prom season: Throwback edition

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By Catherine Knipp ’18

Spring is here. The blossoming of luscious fields of flowers, the ephemeral beauty of nature’s rebirth, the lingering scent of fresh spray tans, the days of exploring various websites in pursuit of the perfect dress, the panic that comes with its later-than-anticipated delivery date, the hot plentiful tears streaming down your face as you ponder Baltimore’s lingering question: where can I find a decent date? That’s right, prom season is upon us. With a week left, some of us are left feeling helpless as crucial parts of our big night are still left unknown: a date, shoes, maybe even a dress. Others seem to have figured everything out six months ahead of time, sighing with relief as their peers scream with panic (we hate them for this). Many of us thought that we started looking for outfits five months ago with plenty of time, but have suddenly found ourselves transported into late April with no recollection of where the time went and still no dress. For those in the community who can relate, do not fret: prom panics always work themselves out. Some RPCS faculty kindly submitted pictures from their big nights, reminding us that the stress and anxiety is all worth it.

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