Riveting Reviews and Recommendations (Part II)

By Kendall Lambert ’18

And we’re back, this time with some enticing movie recommendations that I highly suggest you consider. The movies I’m about to recommend are the types of movies that will leave you staring at the credits as they roll, feeling enhanced emotion. So, sit back in whatever form of furniture you are currently inhabiting, block out all the surrounding commotion, and give at least partial attention to this article, as these are movies you are going to want to remember.

The first is a romance about the most romantic man in a rather unromantic period. The Academy Award winning film is titled Shakespeare in Love, and it is loosely based on William Shakespeare’s life during the time in which he was writing his famous tragedy, Romeo and Juliet. I know to some, maybe to most, the name Shakespeare brings a bitter taste to the mouth.(Am I right? Did you do a little mental groan upon hearing his name?) The practically illegible old English, the dark and gloomy settings, and the moody protagonist certainly aren’t as appealing to some as they are to others. However, Shakespeare in Love, which can be found on Netflix and OnDemand, was made in 1998, thus the script was written in contemporary English.. The dreamy Joseph Fiennes, who plays none other than Shakespeare himself, and the lovely Gwyneth Paltrow, his love interest, manage their desires for each other in a time when their love was forbidden, much like young Romeo and his Juliet. The movie has droplets of humor, sprinkles of passion, and will bring out all the emotions the true William Shakespeare tries to provoke. Not only will it give you a better understanding of his various plays, but it will also twist your heart and have you rooting for their love like nothing else. Not to mention Queen Elizabeth, played by Dame Judi Dench, is an exceptional female leader who tells it like it is. The movie won a multitude of Oscars, including Best Picture, the highest honor a film can achieve. It is artistically beautiful, incredibly emotional, and all around, a superb love story.

The second film is amazingly empowering in many ways. It supports gender and racial equality and patriotism alongside teaching history about a subject on which many of us have little knowledge. Hidden Figures is based on a true story, making it even more special. (Let’s face it, inspiration from true events usually makes for a fantastic movie- unless it’s in the horror genre) The film presents the story of three colored women working for NASA during a time of intense segregation, working in a field designed to support male power. The message within the movie shows the audience that we humans are all one nation, in one world, among many different universes. Defiance of the system is necessary for progress, and this is prevalent in the story of Katherine Goble Johnson and the ladies of Hidden Figures. The Best Picture nominee, which you can still find in theaters, has more humor than expected in a film dealing with such serious issues. Its light-heartedness is what makes this film so enjoyable. I found myself smiling at the end, not only because of the educational content but also for the artistic substance of the film.. The sets were amazing, depicting the many planetary projects of NASA and the audience feels a certain passion within themselves as they grow with the characters, hoping for their success. The story told within Hidden Figures is no doubt inspirational and will leave you with a feeling of strength in your mind, body, and soul.

Now that you have read my nicely worded review of Shakespeare in Love and Hidden Figures, I expect you to watch these marvelous films and take in their glory for yourself. I strongly encourage you to see these movies, not only so that you may form your own opinions concerning these Academy Award Nominees, but so that you can gain some knowledge on these historical and influential people. But hey, I can’t force you to do anything! I can only very passionately and strongly persuade you to take my suggestions into consideration. So, with that, I bid you farewell and wish you happy watching!

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